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Qong used to be the monkey king, after he's retired he was living with his daughter Qana. During their family trip to ice village he encountered lady mysterious, to protect the family he had to fight.

          Qana is Qong's daughter, she

          doesn't understand any of this and

          she is scared of this mysterious lady.

         The villagers know Qong

          from long time ago when he

          protected them so they offered

         him their tribe  weapon, Talinstryk.




Mysterious lady landed in this  world through a time portal with her futuristic army, not sure why was she yelling out Qong's name.

      Lady mysterious fought her way in

      to the city, she seems familiar with

     the place, Qong is confused.

    The Dictator welcomed Qong to his palace, but

    shortly Lady mysterious arrived too, so he fought

    side by side with Qong, just like old times.

   Qana noticed the mysterious lady had a

   same hair just like her, she wanted to tell

   Qong but he wasn't paying attention.


Qong decided to travel to his

old temple, where the ancient

gods and creatures were, he

knows one of them that sees

throught time and space, could

probably tell him the reason for

lady mysterious's actions.

     Before Qong left the city, Dictator gave him his

     retired go-to weapon, wishing him all the best.

Lady mysterious followed Qong to the  

Gods Kingdom, when the guards asked  

her reason for visiting, she replied: revenge.  





The ancient creature was holding off lady mysterious, the gods revealed to Qong that this lady is his daughter      

Qana from the future, in her time Qong abandonded her and mom for fortune.

Qong asked the gods to 

step aside, let him deal   

with the mysterious lady       

himself, the gods offered    

him a sword that watches             

through  world event, it was reavealed  

that this lady is his daughter Qana from

the future, it is said in her timeline Qong abandonded her for fortune and power.










Through out the journey, Qong gathered many weapons/skills,

finally defeated Lady mysterious,

he forgived her and promised to 

treat Qana well, forever.










Future Qana decided to leave this world, at the end of the day, not all fate are decided, she wanted

to give her younger father a try.

The Qong family borrowed

a chariot and headed to

the human city for help.


Qong still had many connections 

around the world, that included the  

Queen of the forest, she stepped   

in and bought them some time.     

Gheara is Queen forest's ride, she is          

also theprotector, the spirit of the forest.      

Qong was defeated easily since he    

had retired long ago, Lady mysterious    

chased them down to the forest.    

Qong was injured badly but got was able   

to make it to the human city, where another   

one of his old friend 'Dictator' was in charge   

    Cerphinx destroyed nearly

    all the future soldiers, Qong

    and daughter borrowed an

    Obrogh to cross the venom

    lake, lured the mysterious

    lady to follow them to the

    mountain of separation.

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